UPGRADE YOUR ZTE MF627(flashed and downgraded to MF626) TO 3G/HSDPA SIGNAL

Posted by Tabz Lopez on

1. Download file Modem Upgrader – For Windows 7 Only, it’s about 23 MB, and for your attention it’s only for Windows 7.
2. Extract the downloaded file : MF627_OneClickUpgradeToolV1.00.02.zip, and you will get “MF627_OneClickUpgradeToolV1.00.02.exe”
3. Double klik file MF627_OneClickUpgradeToolV1.00.02.exe, and don’t forget to plug the ZTE MF627 dongle to your USB.
Before you continue process, make sure your power connection is stable, if you are using PC, better you take the UPS, or better you are using Laptop with battery inside and connect to electrical adapter.
4. Just wait for the application searching for your ZTE MF627 modem, like below captured :

if the connection success, the “DOWNLOAD” button is ready to click

5. Just follow the instruction until finish. (Sorry I can’t give you more capture, because I forgot capture the process last time, when the modem in my hand. But the procedure is so simple, I believe everyone can do that. Please do it correctly and read the instruction on screen.

6. After finish “One Click Upgrade” for ZTE MF 627, please unplug the dongle first, then plug it again. you will get the auto play that the default Globe Visibility Connection Manager software has benn Change to 3Connect Access Manager.
below the capture if you are done :
Main screen for 3 Connect :